My name is Sandra, but you can call me Soyeon. And one of my "internet/social media names" is Yoosanchu. I live in a small place in Finland (but my first language is Swedish cuz I'm awesome). I'm studying in the third year of fashion/clothing design. In the future I hope I'll move to a bigger city. My blog is partly about my daily life as a 19 year old, but since I find that too boring, I mostly write about fashion, kpop, cute and creative things and everything that inspires me. My style and inspiration comes mostly from East Asia. As you see, I'm very interested in South Korea and Japan's fashion and culture, and their popculture such as kpop, k-dramas and anime.
I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

CONTACT: sanolieb@gmail.com

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.:~REVIEW: Clothes from Zaful and Sammydress~:.

This is going to be a kinda long review. I have collaborated with Sammydress in the past (link to the post). And now they wanted to collaborate with me again, and their other webshop called Zaful. So I got to choose a few items off both websites. Yay! image

 These items are from Sammydress

Alien raglan shirt [LINK]

This shirt is so cool. I've seen other similar shirts with the same alien patch on. This top is one size. It is stated that the sleeve length is a full sleeve, but it's shorter than that so it's not really a full sleeve. Anyway, the material is polyester. The price is $11.42.

Denim pinafore [LINK]

Ahh this pinafore/salopette is so cute! The quality of it is really good. When it arrived tho, you had to attach the hooks onto the straps yourself. It took me a while until I had figured out how (to attach them), haha. I chose size XS, but the waist is still too big. But safety pins are my best friend. I use safety pins for a lot of skirts already that are too big. So it's not a big deal anymore. The price is $13.59.

Silver shoes [LINK]

Unfortunately these shoes are too small for me. Yes I can put them on but it's killing my feet. They are size 39 (which I usually have), so it's sad that they're too tight. Size 39 was also the biggest size option. If only I had smaller feet... T___T But these shoes are very cool, and pretty cheap, ($21.51)



 These items are from Zaful
(notice that everything's pink hihi)

Pink hand gesture cap [LINK]

This cap is so so cute!! I love this kind of hand heart gesture. And the text on the back is also cute. I chose pink but it's also available in white and black. The quality is pretty okay since the price was so low (only $4). The size is also adjustable.

The back says Little heart Great love

Pink buttoned skirt [LINK]

The material of this skirt is cotton-polyester corduroy. It's soft and a little bit stretchy, which is good. I chose size M. I did check the measurements, but the skirt was a little bit too big on me when I tried it on. I should've chosen S instead. I was afraid this type of skirt wouldn't look good on me, since I only own A-line skirts and feel most comfortable in them. But the silhouette of this skirt isn't bad at all! I really like it. The buttons are also a cute detail. The price is $20.99.

Pink sea shell top [LINK]

I needed this top cuz the sea shells looked so awesome! I'm a bit disappointed tho that the sea shells are hanging a bit uneven, and the sewing is not the best. I might re-sew them myself. Lmao I'm such a typical dressmaker student. Other than that, I like the top a lot. It's also a lil see-through, but I don't mind. The material is chiffon-like. The price is $18.49.

Note: This top is apparently sold out at their shop atm.


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10/22/2016 11:31:00 PM

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