My name is Sandra, but you can call me Soyeon. And one of my "internet/social media names" is Yoosanchu. I live in a small place in Finland (but my first language is Swedish cuz I'm awesome). I'm studying in the third year of fashion/clothing design. In the future I hope I'll move to a bigger city. My blog is partly about my daily life as a 19 year old, but since I find that too boring, I mostly write about fashion, kpop, cute and creative things and everything that inspires me. My style and inspiration comes mostly from East Asia. As you see, I'm very interested in South Korea and Japan's fashion and culture, and their popculture such as kpop, k-dramas and anime.
I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

CONTACT: sanolieb@gmail.com

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.:~Pentagram harness~:.

I have been adoring Alienmoé's harnesses for a while now. I think they are so pretty! I wanna show you some of them, they are such art! Here's her webshop. They are a bit expensive tho, but it's understandable since they're handmade and it takes a lot of work.



I hate that these kind of accessories/clothing are so sexualized tho. Because it's such a stereotype that "if you're wearing something like this you're being a slut" and shit like that. Or "it's only because you want attention from guys". Wtf NO?! A female body is not a fucking sex object for you to judge or use as you want. Don't ever assume that's okay because it's not 

Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Nobody has the right to judge you based on what you're wearing. Deco-mail pictograms of Heart Especially cishet men need to realize that. It's our body and we should be allowed to wear what the fuck we want. This is so important, it can never be said too much.

It's another thing if you're wearing harnesses/garters/whatever for the purpose of turning a person/yourself on. As said, if it is one of your kinks. Then you have agreed to it.

Enough ranting for now.

About a week ago I got inspired to make my own harness. Since I already had some materials laying around at home. At first I was just shaping it on my mannequin. I had no thoughts of actually sewing it into a real one. But later I was like "damn this looks pretty good". Everything is handsewn.


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10/10/2016 08:20:00 PM

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