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.:~REVIEW - JSK from Devilinspired.com~:.

Holy shit, last week I received this lovely JSK from Devilinspired.com. (This blog post is in collaboration with them.) 
I got to choose a dress from their webshop and this is the one I chose. It was so hard because there were so many beautiful lolita dresses.

 Link to the dress HERE 

In the photos I am wearing it with a lace shirt under. Also, I'm not wearing any makeup in the photos but just ignore that, ok.

Shipping & price: 4/5

Since I didn't have to pay anything I don't really have anything negative to say, but most of their dresses range from about $50-100, which I think is quite reasonable since lolita dresses usually are very expensive and they have lots of details and stuff. My dress was $103.
Most of their products are pre-order items, and the process time will be around 20-30 days until they ship it out. I was a bit hesitant to wait that long haha, but I understand it since most items are pre-order. The whole process+shipping time took around 5 and a half week.

Quality: 5/5

The material is really soft and comfortable.  It's way softer and more comfortable when comparing it to my Bodyline lolita dresses. Just like other lolita dresses, it has a zipper in one side and the shirring on the back is adjustable. The print and all details on it are really really cute.
It is available in four different colors: violet, light blue, dark blue and pink, and I chose pink.

Measurements: 5/5

The sizes they offer are S, M, L and "custom size", which means if S, M or L doesn't fit you (or if you want the size to be exact); you can type in your bust and waist measurements and they will make a tailored dress for you. I think that option is totally amazing because everyone, no matter what size should be able to wear lolita. 
I chose size M and it's a lil bit big on me, but I think it doesn't matter because then I can just tie the straps on the back tighter. On another note, I think they didn't state the measurements of the sizes S, M, L but I guess they refer to "normal" S, M and L??

Overall: 5/5

I am suuuuper satisfied over this JSK and I'm so pleased that Devilinspired wanted to cooperate with me. I really recommend checking them out. I always feel so honored whenever a company wants to do that with ME?!?!
Anyway I feel like a princess when wearing this dress I think it would make a really cute hime lolita coord, and sweet lolita as well.


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7/19/2016 04:42:00 PM

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