My name is Sandra, but you can call me Soyeon. And one of my "internet/social media names" is Yoosanchu. I live in a small place in Finland (but my first language is Swedish cuz I'm awesome). I'm studying in the third year of fashion/clothing design. In the future I hope I'll move to a bigger city. My blog is partly about my daily life as a 19 year old, but since I find that too boring, I mostly write about fashion, kpop, cute and creative things and everything that inspires me. My style and inspiration comes mostly from East Asia. As you see, I'm very interested in South Korea and Japan's fashion and culture, and their popculture such as kpop, k-dramas and anime.
I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

CONTACT: sanolieb@gmail.com

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.:~Art is not what I create, what I create is chaos~:.

(wrote this on my IG, and wanted to share it on my blog too.)

You know what's annoying? and anxiety-triggering?! Walking down the street and seeing people staring at you, calling you random names in bad ways. A person once called me "the hello kitty girl". and they shouted it many times after me. It didn't seem like they meant it in a good way. And just a few days ago, someone shouted "pink fluffy unicorns" when they passed me. Again, it obviously wasn't a compliment. Just because the way I dress and because my style is different?

Butyou know what's really cute? (and has also happened to me a lot.) For example when I was in a cafe, and a little kid looked at me with big, impressed eyes and told her mom: "she has pink hair~". Kyaaahhh kids are so cute and innocent sometimes 💞

By this I just want to say that don't say dumb things to people just because they may be different! it's no fun to hear such things. instead, compliment them (or don't say anything at all) 💜


3/10/2016 09:59:00 PM

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