My name is Sandra, but you can call me Soyeon. And one of my "internet/social media names" is Yoosanchu. I live in a small place in Finland (but my first language is Swedish cuz I'm awesome). I'm studying in the third year of fashion/clothing design. In the future I hope I'll move to a bigger city. My blog is partly about my daily life as a 19 year old, but since I find that too boring, I mostly write about fashion, kpop, cute and creative things and everything that inspires me. My style and inspiration comes mostly from East Asia. As you see, I'm very interested in South Korea and Japan's fashion and culture, and their popculture such as kpop, k-dramas and anime.
I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

CONTACT: sanolieb@gmail.com

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.:~117 days left~:.

Can you guess what me and Ida did yesterday?! Well if you follow me on instagram you probably already know. We booked OUR TRIP TO TOKYO IN OCTOBER!  Can you believe it? I am finally after like 6 years of dreaming, going for real to Japan for two weeks. It feels sooo unreal.

We've been planning a lot and setting up budgets about how much money we need to save for the trip etc. We've also already rented an apartment we're gonna stay at. Cuz a hotel would be way too expensive. We found a really good and relatively cheap apartment in Shinjuku.  

I'm so excited hihi. Gonna have to save a lot of money. I mean ME in JAPAN = shopping like crazy. I already have a long list of what I wanna do and places I want to visit there.

You know what I noticed about these photos... The 8th pic (of the cherry blossom trees) are actually from Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, not Japan. Awkwaaaard.

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6/16/2017 10:44:00 AM

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