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.:~October kpop comebacks that slayed~:.

October has been a month with vERY good kpop comebacks (and debuts). These are my personal favorite songs:

image BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears image

I've been lowkey really into BTS for a long time. Like, I can't deny that I'm an ARMY (their fandom name) cuz how can you not fall in love with them and their songs. 035.gif image by Ahiruchan I gotta be honest tho, I didn't really like BTS when they first debuted, but since I Need U era I really fell for them. That was the song that got me into BTS. And since I Need U they've been releasing better and better songs all the time, imo.
Talking about this comeback, ya'll gotta check out their album Wings. Cuz damn I love all the 15 songs in that album (ok most of the songs, but you get it). The Blood, Sweat & Tears MV is so good, especially Jimin's part in the beginning of the song. *dies inside* I like the little "stories" some of their MV's have. And ARMY's always be coming up with theories behind the MV's hehe. The only part that I found kinda distracting, or a little bit annoying is the random "church-music" somewhere in the middle of the MV. But Jin kissing the angel, which according to theories is supposed to be Taehyung, made up for it. Fangirls/boys are going crazy, hehe. Ok I gotta stop, next song:

 Twice - TT 

Ahhh my babes are back! I used to listen to Cheer Up on replay all the time when they released that song earlier this year. I'm guessing the title of this song, TT comes from the Korean/Japanese emoticon TT, T_T, ㅠㅠ or however you wanna write it. Yes, a crying emoticon. That's what I think of at least, since they do the TT sign in the chorus. It's so cuuute! I like the Halloween-themed music video and the members' individual cosplays. TT is so addicting!!! Deco-mail pictograms of Heart
One thing I've noticed about the line distribution of all their title songs (Like OOH-AHH, Cheer Up and TT) is that Jungyeon, Chaeyoung and Dahyun are always the last ones to sing. They always sing after the chorus, in the second verse. (Oops I just noticed that Jungyeon actually has a line in the first verse in Cheer Up). Anyway, like please JYP, give them 3 some more attention. Why not change the line up a little bit next time?

image Bulldok - 어때오 (Why Not) image

Bulldok is a new kpop group. This is actually their debut song. 4 of the members are former contestants from the survival show Produce 101. I didn't even know about this group until I saw it in my "Recommended videos" on Youtube. And daaaaamn they slayyy. I like how strong their stage presence is (after watching them on music shows), considering they just debuted!?! And they're really talented. All of them are so hot, I'd go on a date with all of them lmao.

image Monsta X - Fighter image

Note the beginning of the music video (at around 30 seconds). The blue text which says Monsta X is totally like the intro of Stranger Things. Only difference is that Monsta X's text is blue instead of red. The music during that part is also kinda similar..hmm. If you've watched Stranger Things you get what I mean. I don't know that much about Monsta X but this song is really good!!

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10/24/2016 09:04:00 PM

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