My name is Sandra, but you can call me Soyeon. And one of my "internet/social media names" is Yoosanchu. I live in a small place in Finland (but my first language is Swedish cuz I'm awesome). I'm studying in the third year of fashion/clothing design. In the future I hope I'll move to a bigger city. My blog is partly about my daily life as a 19 year old, but since I find that too boring, I mostly write about fashion, kpop, cute and creative things and everything that inspires me. My style and inspiration comes mostly from East Asia. As you see, I'm very interested in South Korea and Japan's fashion and culture, and their popculture such as kpop, k-dramas and anime.
I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

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.:~REVIEW - Bodyline lolita dress~:.

My package from Bodyline arrived at the post office on Monday, but I couldn't go pick it up because i wasn't home. T__T So I picked it up today, bc now i'm home again!!!  Ah I was so excited to try on the dress!!!  It's my first lolita OP. I'm was so eager to wear it so i wore it to my friend's birthday party today. ^^

 Link to the dress here.  I ordered the OP (one piece) one in purple, but Bodyline also have the same one but as a JSK (jumperskirt). My friend Ida has the JSK version in blue.

I haven't received my petticoat (underskirt) yet, but i'll make sure to take some photos of the dress when wearing it with the petticoat! I just made the dress a little bit more fluffy and poofy for the photo of me wearing it.

The package was super pretty!!

Shipping: 4/5

I ordered it on 14.9 and they shipped it 18.9. And it arrived at the post station on monday (28.9). So it took exactly two weeks, but as i said, i wasn't able to pick it up until today.

Quality: 4/5

In my opinion, the quality is very good, the material is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It has looooots of details and everything is so cute. But it's not the most comfortable dress ever, but it's okay, i still love it.The skirt part is a little stiff tho, but maybe that's normal for lolita dresses? The top-part is very adjustable on the back, it looks like a corset. So it fits many sizes. It's also very stretchy, which is good. The lace is a little bit itchy tho. But I actually don't mind. AHH and the print is the cutest ever!!! The bow on the front is detachable btw.

Measurements : 5/5

I ordered mine in M, because it was the only size left for the purple version (and I think M was the smallest size??). It's a bit too big for me tho, but because the back of the dress is very adjustable, it's okay. The length for size M is 91 cm. Bust 88-98 cm. Waist 78-88 cm.

Price : 4/5

The price for the dress was 45€, and shipping was around 4€. As I've written before, lolita dresses are usually very expensive, atleast brands like Angelic Pretty, BTSSB etc. Being a lolita is expensive... But Bodyline has a good variety of "budget" ones.


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10/03/2015 01:27:00 AM

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